Introdução à configuração e gerenciamento de Clusters (Módulo 1)

Professor: André Carneiro e Bruno Fagundes (LNCC)

Horarios: Sexta 04/02 de 08:30h às 12:30h

Pre-requisitos: Experience with *nix environments (e.g.,Unix, Linux) and using command line interfaces
Requisitos: The minimum requirements to deploy the hands-on lab enviroment are: VirtualBox 6.1, Dual-Core processor with virtualization support 4 GB RAM, 7 GB storage space
  1. HPC Clusters overview: Types of clusters, Basic architecture of an HPC cluster
  2. Infrastructure components: Resource management, Time sincronism, Image repository, Shared file system, User account management, Passwordless authentication, Environment modules, High performance network
  3. Hands-on lab environment: Infrastructure, Infrastructure tools
  4. Clustershell
  5. Environment Modules
  6. SLURM
  7. Architecture
  8. Daemons
  9. Configuration Files: Partitions, Nodes, Scheduling policies, Administrative commands, Environment deployment
  10. Munge
  11. MySQL/MariaDB
  12. Daemons
  13. Slurm configuration
  14. Testing
  15. Access control and Accounting: Accounting hierarchy, Implementing access control, Creating, modifying, and removing associations, Restricting resource access
  16. Administrative activities: Modifying jobs’ priorities, Nodes management, Resource reservation, Partition management, Accounting report